Lime Crime: Velvetine Lips and other delights

602865_10151242881473167_1529887295_nMiss Mosh (model)

Lime Crime was conceptualized by a girl called Miss Deere in 2008 in NY USA. She discovered that she couldnt purchase colours bright and bold enough to live up to her unique image and her “colourful imagination” says,

” Year: 2089. A girl gets her very first rocket – shiny, orange, and oh-so-beautiful. She takes her friend on a wild ride through outer space, where they blaze towards the stars giddy with glee. Such is the visualization behind My Beautiful Rocket, a lipstick color from Lime Crime’s upcoming Candyfuture collection. This is not the first and not the last bombastic concept that human-unicorn Lime Crime founder Doe Deere has introduced – in fact, she is so frenzied by her line, she comes up with a story for nearly every color she invents”

I adore Lime Crime cosmetics. I think its their imagery and playfulness thats so appealing to me. With super cute neon packaging, unusual and unique textured lipsticks and glosses and extreme eyeshadows, dusts and lipsticks in colours beyond your imagination. Ive only owned one product by Lime Crime which i purchased from Space Nk about three years ago. Its quite difficult to purchase this brand on the highstreet, especially when you want to test them first. There are tons of reviews online and on youtube vlogs on the products. So do check them out.


My Lime Crime product was a lipstick. They only had a collection of lipsticks and eyeshadows. I love my red lipstick (as you will notice the more i blog about the stuff XD) What I adored most of all was the neon pink tube with a glitter unicorn silhouette sticker on it. To me they were so cute, and very what id call “Tokyo Kawaii” or “Harajuku’ isnpired.

I loved the product itself, i have to admit their lipsticks have a very unique plastic-like texture to them. And the red hue was extremely vivid too and really did pop against my pale complexion/vintage inspired make up. Unfortunately its plastic like texture didnt moisturise my lips so you have to have smooth lips before applying and maybe coat with a balm, It lasted a long time. I was gutted the lipstick itself didnt last long before it decided to snap. I think it was to do the ingredients and maybe had a best before date. Im not too sure the product had enough oils in it to last like traditional lipsticks do. This was a few years however and their product ingerdients may have improved since. This doesnt put me off, and i love to keep up on their product collections and im really yearnig to try their carousel Lipglosses, even the ones in green and gold shades. Also the new Velvetine gloss/lacquer looks beautiful. checkout the links below for reviews and their website:


Lime Crime are a

tried and tested review:





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