The Pin Curl Set


Ive been doing my hair in Pin Curl sets for a few years now, and for any of you gals that haven’t and are getting into the vintage style, I would say the Pin Curl set is the ultimate authentic vintage curl, a must technique to perfect for vintage /pin up styling. Whats so wonderful about this technique, is once you have perfected it; it is the most sturdy curl you can get that no curling iron can create. Also, It creates a perfect foundation for up dos and authentic vintage techniques such as victory rolls, faux bangs and pompadour’s. Its very hard to look at these images below, and make sense straight away, but it gives you an idea, so i recommend this vlogger Lisa Freemont street or PinupDollAshleyMarie. They pretty much helped me perfect the pin curl set, as well as many their vintage hair and make up looks. Freemontstreets videos especially are great to watch coveing many vintage hair style and make up tutorials. Really inspirational and easy to follow.


I reccomend this book called Vintage hair styling: Retro styles and step by step techniques by Lauren Rennells. This book is the bible for vintage hair styling, and all us vintage lovers and rockabilly betties swear by this book. All the hairstyles and techniques are beautifully illustrated in easy to steps. She also shows you how to use different methods of curling, such as sponge rollers, hot irons, hot rollers, satin pillow rollers, back combing and victory rollin ;D


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Front Cover Vintage Hairstyles



Ginger Rogers: Pin Curl Set on bob/midi hair


Rita Hyworth: Long hair Pin Curl Set


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pincurls are a perfect technique for building and creating structured hairstyles as seen in above images: victory rolls, chignons, pompadours, faux bands, rat rolls.

my tips:

Setting lotion is key with the pin curl set. Id reccomend starting on dry hair. Spray the hair piece by piece as you roll with a mix of water and setting lotion. you can do a the set on just washed wet hair, but this can make your hair extra frizzy and will take longer to dry. If your planning on a pin curled hair style before an event or whatever. Prep the style early on the day before, and wear all day and all night to allow the set to dry thoroughly. Vintage Ladies wore scarfs over her pin curl set. Purchase sheer/chiffon square head scarfs. They look so pretty wrapped around your curls and tied in a cute bow on top. you can get them in tons of colours. combing out is key for the pin curl set, and it comes with tons of techniques do watch freemont streets vlogs, she shows you how to brush out your hair to make it sleek and smooth by brushing the hair length round yoour hand. The direction you set the curls will determine what waves you will achieve when dry and brushing it out. to create the s-wave effect you. each row of pin curls should be rolled opposite ways. It may seem complicated to start with, but do check out ‘The Vintage Hairstyling’ book and Lisa Freemont Streets videos.


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