Dita Von Teese: Golden Vintage ‘ART DECO’ (special edition make up collection)

Dita Von Teese: Golden Vintage ART DECO (special edition make up collection)

The new limited edition collection by Dita Von Teese for ART DECO, aptly named Golden Vintage. Remeniscent of vintage 1940’s , refelcting the golden age of glamour. With its elequent gold compacts and lipstick tubes, with engraved feather motifs both hetched into the the cases as well as molded into the powder rouge and shadows.The capsule collection infact reminds me of the vintage reproduction cosmetic line ‘Besame’. However, I cant help but want this collection on my dressing table….like now!!! The collection oozes accessible luxury, with three red lispticks in shades ‘Maitresse’, ‘Valentina’ and ‘Muse Red’. An exquiste eye and cheek trio called ‘menage a trois’ combined with an irridescent shimmer to highlight the eyes, cheeks and add a radiant glow to those brow and cheek bones. A candelight effect powder compact (a more darker and richer shade, compared to her debut ART DECO collection powder) This mineral based compact has a shimmer and silky smooth texture, creating a sensual glow, day and night. Not only thst the compact is perefect as a Uber glamourous show piece for your handbag. Also a trio blusher compact called ‘Enravish’, again a classic vintage pallette of peach, baby pink and flamingo pink, blended together adds luxurious texture and creates a stunning healthy glow for cheek definition. Not only this beautiful pallette oozes a classic vintage peachy blush to your cheeks, but its formula is loaded with vitamins and collagen minerals with anti-aging properties.

This make up range can be purhased or pre-ordered online via tenderlovingskincare.co.uk and debenhams.com

if i get hold of any of these products, which will be soon… I will write you gals a review with delight xxxx

Update: well i managed to purchase two products and also i done a swatch test of all three red lipsticks and two lip laquers from Dita Von Teese’s vintage gold range. See images below:


Red lipticks and glosses swatches:

The swatches for The Golden Vintage Collection Lipsticks and Lip Lacquers:

Muse Red (second from left): This is a stunning colour. Its an orange based red, however its a definite red and will not risk looking orange on your lips. This red is daring and will definitely pop . A classic vintage siren red. Art deco lipsticks are Cream based and moisturising with a matte finish. classic of the vintage lipstick.

Maitresse: (third from left) Is a true red. A darker blue based red. This reminds me of Macs russian red. Dita Von Teese swears by Russian Red and has once said its one of her favorite red lipsticks. This is indeed a signature Dita Von Teese Red. Its a traditional sultry vintage red lipstick, its a soft cream base with oils that sits nicely on your lips with a classic matte finish.

Valentina: (4th one from left) Valentina is a unique shade, and is hard to see how nice this shade is on the swatches. The lipstick itself is a darker red, more of a cherry red with an irridescent sheen. This makes this lipstick more wearable for the less daring, making it look more glossy and more of a subtle impression. Nice for daytime wear if you dont wear red lipsticks through the day .

These lip lacquers come in a gorgeous range of reds. You can wear them over lipstick or on their own. I feel they are strong enough to be worn alone, in fact they are a lipstick and lipgloss in one. I own the Chinois shade, For a vintage red (think marilyn monroe) its one of the best colours. Smelling of vanilla and come with a small brush application, the texture is very rich and moisturising, you really dont need to apply much. I love the plastic-like shine these lacquers create and finally you can create that shiny red pout that Dita Von Teese owns. Id reccomend a red lip liner to create a perfect cupids bow before applying. Its also a very messy gloss so be careful, not ideal for kissing x 😉

Left ro right: DVT golden vintage:  in Joliesse, Muse Red, Maitresse, Valentina, Chinois, Lovercraft

Left ro right: DVT golden vintage: in Joliesse, Muse Red, Maitresse, Valentina, Chinois, Lovercraft





look page: created from my polyvore account slaramichelle http://slaramichelle.polyvore.com/


http://www.debenhams.com (online and in selected stores)



One thought on “Dita Von Teese: Golden Vintage ‘ART DECO’ (special edition make up collection)

  1. Yes please, I often do red lipstick reviews so I would love to know what sort of shade they are – haven’t seen any in the flesh yet and don’t want to risk ordering them over the net.

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