Dita Von Teese: Golden Vintage ‘ART DECO’ (special edition make up collection)

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The new limited edition collection by Dita Von Teese for ART DECO, aptly named Golden Vintage. Remeniscent of vintage 1940’s , refelcting the golden age of glamour. With its elequent gold compacts and lipstick tubes, with engraved feather motifs both … Continue reading

Hello gals and guys,


“I advocate glamour….every minute, every day” Dita Von Teese

welcome, to the very first blog for sailors and sirens. finally, this is the birth of a vintage blog ive been wanting to create for what feels like a lifetime.  I will dedicate to my love of vintage glamour, fashion, beauty, burlesque, old hollywood stars, and all things beautiful and decadent and timelessly glamourous. From the latest vintage looks that you can re-create; through beauty, hair and fashion both through classic vintage to neo -vintage . But most importantly how to embrace and find glamour within. I want this blog to be a muse of inspiration, to embrace your beauty. whatever you beauty mark, your shape, what makes you unique. i hope everyone loves this blog and will be inspired as it will inspire me. lots of love  Lady Venus x ❤

first image: starting with the ultimate cheesecake pin up queen : Betty grable. I adore her, and as i recall my Grandads fave pin up during the war!